June 24th - RADIX Nationals - Las Vegas, Nevada
 June 26th - Showstopper National North East Finals - Mashantucket, Connecticut
 June 27th - The PULSE and Camp PULSE Tour - Summer Finale - Las Vegas, Nevada
 June 27th - Rainbow National Dance Competition National Finals - Panama City, Florida
 June 27th - Sundancer Europe (British Isles) Dance Cruise - Amsterdam, Netherlands
 June 27th - Inspire National Dance Competition - Savannah, Georgia
 July 1st - NRG danceProject Finals - DC/National Harbor, Maryland
 July 3rd - Showstopper National East Coast Finals - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
 July 3rd - StarQuest Dance Competitions World Final - Sandusky, Ohio
 July 4th - Showstopper National Southern Finals - Kissimmee, Florida
 July 10th - Rainbow National Dance Competition - Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
 July 11th - Showstopper National Gulf Coast Finals - Galveston, Texas
 July 17th - StarQuest Dance Competitions World Final - Virginia Beach, Virginia
 July 19th - Showstopper National West Coast Finals - Anaheim, California
 July 31st - DancerPalooza - Long Beach, California
 August 4th - Dance Teacher Summit - Long Beach, California
 August 24th - MONSTERS UNLEASHED Los Angeles Tour Finale - Los Angeles/Burbank, California